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Contract Staffing Arrangements
For Schools

Get People In Place and Fully Performing... Faster

When labor markets are tight because there is a shortage of qualified candidates, we can offer pay and position flexibility without you having to compromise your employment guidelines.  When labor markets loosen, and people have more job choices, again, we can offer flexibility to attract staff in ways you may not be geared to offer.

Either way, we have the recruiters and operational capacity to add staff and maintain staffing levels for positions and departments that are hard to staff.  Regardless of how staffing is affected - by shifts in labor market supply and/or customer demand - we can ensure you will have the staff you need, doing what you need done.

Option 1: We provide as-needed, temporary, and long term staffing with staff who match criteria established by you.

Option 2: We provide staff. We support them with performance coaching and tools, and we provide you visibility to performance measures.

Option 3: Managed Staffing/ Services. We provide staff and support as mentioned above.  We also provide daily supervision of the staff, technical expertise, infrastructure capabilities, and most any other resources needed to ensure that what you need done is getting done.

Some examples of our searches and placements:

special ed professionals

school nursing staff

administrative professionals

student / parent / customer service contact center support

documentation and admin support of licensed staff

college admissions and advising contact center support

intervention specialists

gen ed teachers

custom arrangements

custom services


Describe Your Staffing Need(s)

Complete the 3-5 minute questionnaire (click below), or schedule a call. We will call or email back to set up a 15-30 minute call or video conference where we can meet each other and make sure we understand your need.


Approve The Implementation Plan

You'll receive a work-up of our proposal and a draft agreement. Then we'll call and or email to work through questions and tweaks. Then we'll send a finalized agreement and implementation plan for approval.


Spend Less Time On Staffing And More On Advancing Your Organization

Knowing you can bring people in as needed, and boost their performance quickly, you and your people will have an easier time keeping up, pursuing opportunities, and advancing your organization.


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