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Work Queueing Tools
For Healthcare Entities

...that will align priorities and leverage productivity with the people you have

Standard Subscription Services

  • Nexstep Systems Team employees are assigned to your account and are your go-to people for: customizations, implementations and training, and ongoing support services.


Monitored Subscription Services

  • Includes the features of Standard Administrative Services (above), plus...

  • your Systems Team point person will answer to you and or to your designees about the users they are monitoring and coaching-up on the system use.  Their work, interventions, and responses will be managed and tracked in a customized application of Nexstep's Queue platform (visible to you) or in an application of your choosing.


Managed Administrative Services

  • Includes the features of Standard Subscription Services (above), plus...

  • the features of Monitored Subscription Services (above), plus...

  • the Nexstep Ops Team will: ensure service capacity is adjusted as the number of system users fluctuates, ensure help desk staffing is always in place, ensure the ongoing performance and timely responses and interventions of our staff, and ensure our Systems Team is meeting the service level requirements and user progress milestones that were set up with you from the start.

Nexstep's Queue Platform and work queueing applications.  Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Customizations.  Integrated Forms Development.

The Nexstep Team is Dedicated To  Helping You Fulfill Your Staffing Needs!

We intend to be a trusted extension of your staffing capabilities so that you spend less of your own time on staffing and more on advancing your organizations.


Describe Your Staffing Need(s)

Complete the 3-5 minute questionnaire (click below), or schedule a call. We will call or email back to set up a 15-30 minute call or video conference where we can meet each other and make sure we understand your need.


Approve The Implementation Plan

You'll receive a work-up of our proposal and a draft agreement. Then we'll call and or email to work through questions and tweaks. Then we'll send a finalized agreement and implementation plan for your approval.


Spend Less Time On Staffing And More On Advancing Your Organization

Knowing you can bring people in as needed, and stretch and reprioritize when needed, you and your people will have an easier time keeping up, pursuing opportunities, and advancing your organization.


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