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About Our Team

Our people bring with them diverse backgrounds and experience. We've all adopted the "Nexstep ways" of execution management, progress planning and tracking systems, person-centered communications, continuous process improvement, and collaborative problem-solving. Yet, in the end, it is more about commitment and a "how can we help" attitude that deliver the results our customers have come to expect from Nexstep. 

Whether our people are supporting you from our offices, or embedded in your operation, our staff can serve as extra sets of hands where and when you need them, can function as a division(s) of labor to moderate the flow of work through administrative processes, can perform as an extended part of your team in a triage capacity, or can provide licensed/ professional services.

We are an experienced team of Operations, HR, and industry-specific professionals that have worked together over many years. We have designed services and tools to address niche-specific, people-and-process-related issues that constrain productivity, overall execution, and performance... all to realize the ambition of sharing with our customers the best practices that have helped us along the way.

Sherry DePasquale
Manager, Engagement Services

Keith Wheeler
Director, Sales & Mark

Deborah Smithhisler, LPT
Director of Rehabilitation

Dr. Kimberly D. Fuller, Ed.D.
Director, Special Education Services

Marissa Cangelosi
Director, Operations & Customer Services

David Michaels
Vice President, Administration & Development

Jerry Cangelosi

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