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The Effects Of Productivity On Staffing

For many of our customers, the formal definition(s) of productivity seems elusive and impractical. Achieving productivity proficiency is a goal that may be of little to no value to their organizations or customers. However, the elements that affect the inputs and outputs of productivity are of vital importance:

  • having the people-capacity needed to deliver service or products

  • have people be efficient as possible so fewer of them (labor hours) are required to produce deliverables

  • having processes streamlined enough so that people in them spend more time delivering value to the organization and its customers and less time being bogged down with inefficient steps or indecision.

So, while we think about productivity in a technical way, we choose to talk about productivity in a broader context: having the right complements of people (capacity) - in the right places, at the right times, doing the right things (efficiency) - to the expectation of the organization and its constituents (effectiveness).

Often, we talk in even broader terms than that; we talk about being more productive.

We bake these elements into our offerings to bring vital capabilities to you and your organization... and add value to the process.

Become optimally staffed and organized to:

  • Consistently keep up

  • Confidently take more on

  • Get the details and deadlines right

Make your organization as productive as it needs to be to achieve your goals and outcomes.

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