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About Us

We're in it together

Every day, we strive to promote a culture that inspires innovation, creativity, and leadership, all engendered in an entrepreneurial spirit. We are driven by the idea that our success and our customer's success are inextricably linked and that our actions must sustain mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and employees.

We value good people

Nexstep team members are well trained and well practiced, all for the purpose of helping our customers in the best ways possible, leading to lasting relationships. Nexstep team members who come in to your organization to assess, develop, train, implement, and supervise are experienced professionals from the healthcare, education, and business worlds. They share common traits: they are accomplished in their areas of expertise, they have adopted Nexstep's strategies, they think outside the box, and they are good people.

We are committed to "innovation" and learning

As we continue to develop solutions, we are also developing our people assets in a Nexstep way that trains our methods of engagement, collaboration, workflow management, and process improvement. 

Because people change, technologies change, processes change, and customers' needs change, we constantly ask ourselves "what's new, what's better, what's next?" in order that our solutions and our people stay ahead. We relentlessly puruse the better idea. We promote vigorous debate and productive collaboration. We consider everyone and everything. The only silly question is the one unasked. The only dumb idea is the one not shared.

We work hard to keep customers forever

We've learned that understanding exactly what our customers want is essential to providing good service. We've also learned that customers' expectations and needs change. In order to properly manage that change, in alignment with the customers' expectations, we continue to develop systems that better plan work, schedule people, coordinate tasks, communicate, and move content with speed, ease, and flexibility.

Forever speaks to the future... and, as the saying goes, "the future is just a whole string of todays." So, it is important to us that we communicate and execute, to a degree of excellence that exceeds expectations; today, tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that...forever.

We're not done until we've done the right things.

We work hard. We communicate honestly. We obey the law. We keep our commitments. We care about people and the things most important to them. Our work isn't done unless those things are done... the right things.

Our Leadership Team

Sherry DePasquale
Manager, Engagement Services

Keith Wheeler
Director, Sales & Mark

Deborah Smithhisler, LPT
Director of Rehabilitation

Marissa Cangelosi
Director, Operations & Customer Services

David Michaels
Vice President, Administration & Development

Jerry Cangelosi

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