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Performance Coaching
& Tools For Schools

Get New-Hires Fully Performing... Faster

When elongated recruiting and hiring processes cause new staff members to take longer to get up to speed and become productive, we put customized performance systems and individualized success coaching programs in place that will be structured to last as long as you deem necessary.

The goals are:

  • to keep them connected to the story they opted into in the recruiting process.

  • to reinforce the importance of and execution of the key actions they committed to in the recruiting process.

  • to help them work through whatever issues are keeping them from hitting their performance measures.

This follow-on process is simple and we have the operational capacity to ensure it is consistently executed so staff feel supported and prepared to perform well.  By investing in this extra coaching time, you improve the likelihood that staff get up to speed faster, become productive faster, and reach a desirable level of performance... faster.

Option 1: We listen, recommend, assist, and continue to engage with you to help ensure you are achieving what you want to achieve.

Option 2: We provide ongoing coaching to your designees on how to use our Performance System(s) to support your new hire(s) and provide you visibility to performance measures.

Option 3: On a fee for service or subscription basis, we support your new hire(s) with our Performance Systems and Success Coaching, and we provide you visibility to performance measures.


Describe Your Staffing Need(s)

Complete the 3-5 minute questionnaire (click below), or schedule a call. We will call or email back to set up a 15-30 minute call or video conference where we can meet each other and make sure we understand your need.


Approve The Implementation Plan

You'll receive a work-up of our proposal and a draft agreement. Then we'll call and or email to work through questions and tweaks. Then we'll send a finalized agreement and implementation plan for your approval.


Spend Less Time On Staffing And More On Advancing Your Organization

Knowing you can bring people in as needed, and boost their performance quickly, you and your people will have an easier time keeping up, pursuing opportunities, and advancing your organization.


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