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Why Our Staffing Options Will Work For You, Too

Signing a Contract

Managed and Contract
Staffing Services

  • We can almost always provide staff to meet your needs because we are in a position to invest more time and resources into recruiting than most organizations can; because that is our core business.

  • We can almost always provide more flexibility with work schedules and pay because we don't have the same policy considerations you do.

  • You get contract staff who we recruit into our system of stringent performance and productivity requirements and who we assign based on how good a fit they are to your requirements.

Call Center

Recruiting and Other Fractional Admin Services

  • We can help you find more candidates because we can dedicate more time and resources - to managing postings, engaging candidates, and moving them through your process - than you have to give.

  • We use your performance standards and guiding principals to get candidates to opt-in or opt-out

  • You get candidates who are good fits to your organization and who have a high likelihood of accepting an offer, and succeeding, because they have opted in to the position and your organization.

Electronic Gadgets

Productivity Tools

  • We can customize apps and tools to help your employees maximize their time; saving time on the administrative aspects of their jobs and shifting it to other things.

  • Our Queue System not only saves people time planning, tracking, and prioritizing their work, but also enables them to quickly reprioritize when they get disrupted or spread too thin.

  • You get an increase in employee productivity and a means of leveraging the capacity you already have. Whether your staff are spread too thin, you're on the fence about hiring, or you need an efficient way of handling a temporary spike, these tools and systems will help you leverage your capacity when you need to.

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