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Fee-For-Hire Recruiting.       Contract Staffing.       Performance Coaching & Tools.

When labor markets and the economy are tight, recruiting lags, so hiring lags, and it takes longer to get new people in place and up to speed.

No doubt you and your team are doing your best. But the longer it takes, you run the risk that...

Work will pile up and
opportunities will pass you by

Your employees will become overwhelmed and burned out

Customers will leave, students will fall behind, patients will not get better

We don't want any of that for you or for them.

For 24+ years, our staffing options have enabled hundreds of organizations to get the people they've needed in place and fully performing... faster. Our options will work for you too.

Leverage Staffing Options That Enable You To Get People In Place and Fully Performing... Faster

In addition to getting the people you need sooner than later, you'll get visibility to performance measures, and peace of mind that what you need done is getting done.

Fee-For-Hire Recruiting

We'll source new recruits and candidates from our pools, vet them according to your criteria, and prep the best ones for your consideration.

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for businesses,   for schools,    for healthcare entities 

Contract Staffing

We'll provide staff, support them, and maintain staffing levels for positions and departments that are difficult to staff.

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for businesses,   for schools,    for healthcare entities

Performance Coaching & Tools

We'll provide a simple, yet effective, series of communications and follow-on support services to staff who are new to their positions, whether you've hired them or we've hired them to service to your organization.

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for businesses,   for schools,   for healthcare entities 

"We have used Nexstep to staff our school health clinics for two years. They have also provided paraprofessionals for hard to fill positions. During a very unpredictable job market, they have found us high quality and reliable people to fill these positions. Nexstep management does an excellent job of communicating with us and responds quickly to all of our requests. We have been very impressed by the high level of support they have provided to our district."

Director of Special Pupil Services

Maple Heights City School District

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Describe Your Staffing Need(s)

Complete the 3-5 minute questionnaire (click below), or schedule a call. We will call or email back to set up a 15-30 minute call or video conference where we can meet each other and make sure we understand your need.


Approve The Implementation Plan

You'll receive a work-up of our proposal and a draft agreement. Then we'll call and or email to work through questions and tweaks. Then we'll send a finalized agreement and implementation plan for your approval.


Spend Less Time On Staffing And More On Advancing Your Organization

Knowing you can bring people in as needed, and boost their performance quickly, you and your people will have an easier time keeping up, pursuing opportunities, and advancing your organization.

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